ARhT - Team Ganz SDP'12

  • Dan Bercht (CSE)

  • Tim Boisvert (EE)

  • Joshua Lowe (EE)

  • Kyle Stearns (EE)

  • Professor Aura Ganz (Team Advisor)

Project Awards

  • SDP' 12 First Place

  • SDP' 12 First Place Student Choice

  • Published in EMBC 2012

SDP 2012 Project Overview

The goal of ARhT is to improve the experience of hand therapy through addition of technology to traditional therapy methods. The final result will be a product that will compliment traditional therapy by reducing cost and time and improving progress tracking. The requirements for project ARhT are a comprehensive user interface, accurate tracking of hand motions, and a database that will store the results. The Android phone provides patients with a convenient and familiar platform that is easy to use and widely available. EMG will accurately track the muscle activity corresponding to each hand motion. The database will store all results from each therapy session. This application can be remotely launched and viewed so the therapist can view their patients' progress anywhere. By doing each of these things, project ARhT compliments traditional therapy by providing the user with instruction, feedback, and progress tracking all at once. The system can be used by the patient anywhere which is convenient for the large number of workouts and exercises a patient needs to perform over the course of their rehabilitation, outside of therapy appointments. Also, the database provides a way for the therapist and patient to view the results from each session, so that tracking progress on a session to session basis becomes easy.


  • D. Bercht, T. Boisvert, J. Lowe, K. Stearns, A. Ganz, "ARhT: A Portable Hand Therapy System", IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, San Diego, CA, September, 2012.