Kinect Recognition - Allen Chew, Charles Essien, Felix Lam, & Simon Ma

Abstract: The Kinect Recognition Application uses the Kinect sensor to detect generic objects within a certain range, and transmits a signal to an android device, warning the user of a possible collision. The application would also have real time feedback via vibration and sound. The closer the Kinect comes to a detected collision, the stronger the vibration feedback or the louder/ more frequent the sound. We also want to attempt to recognize people via the Kinect, and upon recognition, the android device uses its Text To Speech function to announce the presence of a friend or pedestrian. This application would be designed to help better the daily lives of the visually impaired. Android devices are readily available on the market and so is the Kinect system, thus being easily assessable to users. The advantages to the application are that it uses both relatively small devices (cell phone/Kinect) which would not be a inconvenience to carrier.