Emergency Medical Support Application - Saoli Mitre

Abstract: The Mediline Healthcare Support Project is an application that provides services of an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System and an Emergency Medical Support (EMS) System. Electronic Medical Records (EMR), in its simplest form is digital version of the paper-based medical record found in the physician's office. EMRs provide significant advantages over paper-based medical records. These benefits include long-term cost reduction associated with healthcare, improvement of quality of care, rapid access to comprehensive information, and improvement of information integration capability. However, the usage of EMRs also poses many security concerns related to loss of privacy of information collected during health care processes resulting in disclosure of personal health information. The EMR system of this project was built using PHP web server back ended by a MySQL database. Also certain security solutions like authentication and access control have been implemented. The Emergency Medical Support application (EMS app) was designed on a smartphone platform based on Android operating system. Android is a mobile operating system initially developed by Google. Unlike its counterparts, Android is an open source system, that enables a developer to use and modify the functionalities as per his/her system requirements by extending changes to the source code.