Bus App for the Visually Impaired - Yixuan Dong, Boyan Lu, & Hao Huang

Abstract: Visual impaired individuals are the group of people who suffer a significant limitation of visual capability and need additional support in many areas in daily life. Transportation need is one of the most fundamental needs for them as same for normal people. The truth is, however, the people who have visual impairment can hardly using the transit system. It is difficult for them to recognize the right bus stop to board and get off. The goal of this project is to establish an android application to help them use the bus system. This application will provide a clear view interface (flip board effect) to set the bus route and starting/destination bus stop. And all these setting interface will provide voice prompt to help users to finish setting. After user start traveling with bus, by using the location information gained by the GPS module, this application will track user's locus to notice user to get off the bus when approaching the destination. It also can alarm user when user get on the wrong bus. In addition, the application can user report every bus stop when the bus is passing by. What more, the application allow user to upload his default message to the Facebook, and allow user search their latest history.