Elderly Tracking and Caregiver App - Anand Gunasekaran & Divya Gunasekaran

Abstract: No matter what happens Age is the only factor that keeps on increasing as our life advances. As we grow old, our body condition won't support us in doing all sorts of day to day activities. The primary advice that every Doctor suggests elderly people is, 'Be safe and don't go out of the house without anyone's assistance'. It's the duty of caretaker to monitor the presence of elderly people in the house. On the other hand, majority of elderly people doesn't want to depend on anyone and they want to wander around the places. This might cause serious threat to their lives, when they left unnoticed and trapped into any sort of problems. There should be a way to address this problem and inform caregiver when elderly people try to go out of the house.

The main purpose of this project is to present an initial, yet a novel approach to build an application for Android platform that "Tracks elderly outdoors" when a person carrying Android smartphone crosses certain boundaries. In assisted living scenarios when a person is out of monitored area, his/her safety is endangered. A mobile device carried by the person may periodically check for location information and intimate a care giver via email or MMS when the person is out of safe limits (outside monitored area). The GPS service can be used to check the change of exact location in terms of latitude and longitude which periodically polls for location information. The communication can happen using a socket connection that is established between the client (Elderly People) and the Server (Caregiver). The boundary can be set as the input parameter for the Elderly People handset. Once the GPS location value crosses the perimeter which we have set, we need to intimate the care taker along with some additional information that helps him/her to find the elderly person in a timely manner.