Library Book Tracker - Ashish Narayan & Sameer Naik

Abstract: Tracking a book in the library with a most unusual call number of your book is not the easiest thing to do. It may also turn out that sometimes we are not able to track the book even given the call number due to the shear enormity of the number of books to search from. The unfamiliar call numbers make matters worse as they are tough to remember. In such cases, an Android app can come to help as it can be aimed to make this process of the user easier and intuitive.

This Android application will be used to navigate through the unknown environment of a library in order to determine the exact location of the shelf where a book is located. NFC tags will be used for the purpose of storing immediate location information. Knowing the immediate location and also the final location determined from the call number, the application outputs a graphical display highlighting the location of the destination, giving an intuitive sense of the environment.