Rising UMass ECE Junior Chris Finn Completes Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in 5G Lab

Chris Finn, a University of Massachusetts Amherst Rising Junior in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, just completed his 2 months REU in the lab. Chris has a passion for wireless technologies with a special interest in RFID. For his project he researched Near Field Communication (NFC) that would serve as a future RFID based technology in PERCEPT, an indoor navigation for the visually impaired system that was designed in the lab. Chris also spent numerous weekends assisting with the Percept Trials where 10 subjects ranging from partial blindness to completely blind came and tested the system through a set of trials within the Knowles Engineering Building. By the end of the REU Chris had put together a NFC prototype using a NFC Dev Board connected through SPI to an Arduino Microcontroller with a Bluetooth Module. An Android based phone can then connect to the Arduino and receive the NFC/RFID tags that were read by his NFC prototype.