Lab Overview

The 5G Mobile Evolution Lab facilities, directed by Dr. Ganz, reside in Knowles Engineering Building. The facilities include: high end workstations, tablets, laptops, Smartphones, NFC equipment, wireless LAN equipment, wide area networking equipment, network management software, wide area network protocol analyzer, wireless protocol analyzer, web hosting commercial software, LINUX and Windows OS.

All wonders of technology can amount to nothing unless it elevates humans to their highest potential. The twin goals of the lab are to pursue research in hybrid wireless networks (involving 4G and 5G) and mobile platforms architectures and protocols, and then apply this knowledge to developing socially responsible systems to betterment of the world.

In our research we use a diverse array of engineering tools and techniques such as wireless networking, software engineering, embedded systems, sensors, video processing, RF systems, trustworthy computing, optimization, augmented and virtual reality and systems engineering.

Our researchers will:

  • Engage in research, implementation, and optimization of systems that include humans, data and information, hardware, software, and technology resources.

  • Excel in the practices of analytical modeling and integrative systems engineering.

  • Contribute to human welfare through engineering systems that will help in reducing mortality and/or improve daily life of people with disabilities.

Our research projects are funded by the National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation.

Graduate students candidates: If you have the passion to contribute to human welfare and the technical skills required, please contact Prof. Aura Ganz

Featured Research